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Published by: Vaurn James 19-Feb-16
Australian Racism: Opportunity For Entrepreneurism

Australian Racism: Opportunity For Entrepreneurism


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Some of you may be aware of a story in Australia

involving five African immigrant school lads, who

were ejected from an Apple Computer store based

on a security official's belief they were there to STEAL.


Needless to say, the story and related videos went viral

resulting in Apple making a formal apology to the young

men.  Racial Profiling or more accurately, Stereotyping

continues to increase not only in both Law Enforcement

and Politics but, especially by those in RETAIL due to

massive losses from shoplifting.  However, presuming a

specific individual or group of individuals based on their

Race/Ethnicity at greater propensity to commit an act

of criminality (Theft) seems completely illogical.


Unfortunately, when Racism/Prejudice are involved then,

logic and good judgment are excluded and predetermined

mindset based on bias becomes the status-quo, which is non-

conducive to creating a positive business relationship

between customer and proprietor as indicated in this current

situation.  Then again, if one party doesn’t believe there can

be a good relationship between parties then, it’s moot.


Clearly, Andrew Carnegie’s book on “How To Win Friends

And Influence People” was not on the Book of The

Month Club list for certain individuals at Apple.



So, how will the young lads respond to this experience

(Now and in the Future), that’s the million dollar question?

Yes, it was done and over physically but, emotionally and

psychologically the experience remains in their psyche

and overcoming it is the challenge and how to do it. 



Well, since the incident occurred in a business setting

and the lads were accused of stealing then, Debunking

the racist mindset of Apple Security and their supports

would be optimal.  So, how will this be accomplished?


The late Jim Rohn (Business Philosopher Extraordinaire)

famously said, “Formal education will make you a

living but, self-education will make you a Fortune”. 



The relevance of the aforementioned quote is critical

because it illustrates how the five lads have been

presented a learning opportunity to determine their

future.  From an entrepreneurial perspective the lads

can grow and seek a solution to their negative experience

or succumb to a Poverty Mindset, where they remain

victims forever and never overcome their trauma.

Additionally, to create an entrepreneurial mindset for

those discriminated against based on race/ethnicity.


The temptation to remain and grow ANGRY  is tempting as

conveyed by the late Carter G. Woodson, “As another has

well said, to handicap a student by teaching him that his black

face is a curse and that his struggle to change his condition is

hopeless is the worst sort of lynching”.  Like any challenge

overcoming obstacles is key to success; however, many fail

because Critical Thinking and developing related problem

solving skills has become a lost art in most public

education institutions for various reasons contrary to better

educational principles but, perhaps not to Corporate principles.


Now, educational institutions in Westernised Countries

(England, Australia, United States, Canada, Germany,

France & others) fail to teach entrepreneurship, while

preparing students to memorrise information to become

Corporate Slaves.  It is clear that creativity and innovation

are qualities of that self-education philsophy that distinguish

those who make a living from those who make a fortune.


Unfortunately, people with a Poverty Mindset don't pass- down

Success or Generational Wealth but, Generational Poverty because

the STRUGGLE becomes the Identity (a source of PRIDE).  Now,

Pride doesn’t pay the bills and can be a double-edged sword leading

to personal destruction or Success depending on how it is focused. 


So, how will the young men respond and how have you

responded to challenges in life?  In essence we are all

entrepreneurs who hopefully, still maintain a spirit

characterized by innovation, risk-taking and

making continuing adjustments to achieve and/or

maintain our goals in the business called LIFE.

No doubt, this sounds familiar to everyone.


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